Telnet Server library

This project is to create an easily embeddable telnet server library for your Java applications. After writing two of these within a short period of time for two different projects, I have decided to create an Open Source library. I have a long list of features I intend to implement, and will gladly accept any suggestions and/or help.

The features already implemented include but not limited to:

Planned features:
Developer Guide

Here's some very quick overview... For more details go to the Developer Guide

All you need to do in order to implement a telnet command for your app is define a method with an annotation and register the definining class with the TelnetServer

public class SomeModule {
	@TelnetCommand(command="cmd", usage="cmd", help="this command does something useful")
	public static void someCommand(TelnetClient cli) {
		cli.getOut().write("Some useful info\n");

and then

public static void main(final String[] args) {
	TelnetServer telnet = new TelnetServer(8808, "server ", 5);
	telnet.setGreeting("Welcome to telnet");
	while (telnet.isRunning()) {